Healed in Jesus Name

My wife and children and I were blessed to sit in a series of services led by Gord across a few days. We studied Holy Spirit and biblical truths about the Trinity. We learned about healing and how God moves. On the last night we had a healing service and one of the things we prayed for was shoulder injuries. I had almost forgotten that I had a shoulder injury and couldn’t lift my arm above my head. It was my new normal. I prayed that night and allowed Gord to pray over me and I was healed. My arm moves free and has allowed me to do so many things that I didn’t even realize I couldn’t do. I lead worship at our church and the next Sunday I just stood there in front, crying with my arms lifted to God. I didn’t realize that I couldn’t raise my arms to God. He set me free and I will hold them high in his name.
My daughters (7 and 5 years old) both struggled with food allergies. My oldest had a dairy allergy that caused her to become quite ill if she ate anything that had any dairy in it at all. It wasn’t life threatening but it just made her miserable. My younger daughter was allergic to gluten. She would actually show signs of anaphylaxis if she had any gluten at all. So our family had to learn how to cook completely different to be both dairy free and gluten free. That same night Gord prayed over my children for their allergies. We tested them over the next week allowing them small amounts at a time and then a little more. They had no reaction what so ever. They were healed in Jesus name.
It was a relief as a parent to see them healed but I didn’t understand the large impact that would have on our family. As Pastors we get asked to eat at people’s homes quite often and we had so much anxiety about going. We wanted to allow people to bless us but we feared for our children’s health, when we had no control over what was prepared to eat. That fear and anxiety is completely gone and even irrelevant now. Because we don’t have to buy two types of specialty food we have found that our food budget has gone down by $400/month. Drastically affecting the rest of our budget. It allowed us to pay off some debts and even begin supporting an up and coming ministry.  (Submitted by Kurt, Boise, Idaho)


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