YWAM Kona - Where the Son Always Shines!

I am always excited to teach at YWAM!  Originally an acronym for 'Youth With a Mission', this 'evangelistic organization' has grown to include all ages of believers.  I was invited by friends, Bob and Carolyn Hopkins to join them in teaching at a Crossroads 'DTS', another acronym for Discipleship Training School.  However, there is nothing abbreviated about the training, the mentorship, the camraderie or the opportunity to serve the local and internaitonal community!  And an added bonus at the Kona Base is to enjoy the sounds, the smells, the sights, and the tastes  of the Hawaiian Islands in an incredibly peaceful environment.

After three intense months of training, these students will travel to Fiji to make Him known  through drama, through prayer, through acts of kindness and through serving.  During the course of the week, these students were very open to Holy Spirit, and as the week progressed, ministry times brought everything from physical healing to deliverance. Many of the students became acutely aware that they can be used by the Lord to bring Good News to the nations.  Others received a fresh understanding of the roles and functions of the person Holy Spirit, and are anticipating a release of spiritual gifts on their outreach and beyond.  And once again Bob and Carolyn Hopkins and their school staff provided a safe environment for the students to be encouraged in their walk and to receive a fresh anointing.

YWAM will celebrate its 50th  anniversary in November of 2010 and, with a work in progress to establish a 24/7 House of Prayer on the base,  there is a tangible spirit of anticipation and expectation on the campus.  How awesome is our God!


  1. Exerpt from an e-mail from Dennison

    “This week has proven to be one of the most amazing since arriving in Fiji. The Lord is moving with signs and wonders. I was asked to preach in a small Indian cross cultural church on outskirts of Lautoka... there, one man was delivered of a demon, a mute boy spoke the name, Jesus, for the first time, and an elderly lady was delivered of arthritic hip and back problems. More miracles occurred Tuesday with God healing a young man's broken elbow while he was waiting with me in hospital for tests. The same evening, about 10 university students were healed of numerous sports injuries and serious problems which instantly disappeared.

    After visiting and praying for people at home in a predominately Indian neighborhood 6 young people were baptized in Holy Spirit in a home cell group meeting; they spoke in tongues, saw visions of the cross, Jesus, and tongues of fire upon those present; all testified boldly of what God was doing in their lives.

    The potential for simple house churches is incredible, especially among the young new Indian believers."


  2. Excerpt from an e-mail from Stephanie:

    "You prayed for me for the acid reflux that was robbing my voice..Today is 'day eight' without having to take my medication”…”I can speak and shout and sing”..Thank you for all that you taught us!!!!"

  3. Excerpt from an e-mail from Bill

    We are all over the town doing ministry. Many healings and infillings of the Holy Spirit. Participated in a 4 day Crusade with deliverances and healings. Have been doing follow-up in many Indian homes. God has really been showing up in these visits. I along with Mark, found the man of peace in an Indian village. He is a Hindu priest and controls the whole community. So I witnessed to him and then we started praying for him and his whole family. The Lord started healing everyone's problems. Ears opened, stomaches healed, arthritic pain, back pain, every family member had a touch from God. The Hindu priest could not deny the healings. Later we found out that nothing happens in that community without this guy's approval. He said he would be open to a visit again to discuss the Bible and what it says about Jesus. Everyone is having similar kinds of experiences. It's just wonderful!"


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