Expecting the Unexpected!

I boarded the very familiar noon flight to Seoul on February 24th, well rested after a short holiday in Mexico. The twelve hour flight affords a lot of uninterrupted time to pray and ask for words of encouragement and wisdom for the Korean Churches. Over the last five years of ministry in the nation, I have come to expect the unexpected in all things – venue, schedule, itinerary, food, accommodation but most of all, how Holy Spirit will manifest the works of Jesus. This trip was no exception.

On arrival, I met with a group representing five churches in the city, who expressed a desire to learn more about Holy Spirit and so I began with one of my favourite teachings on ‘Intimacy with God’. Anticipating a gentle move of the Spirit, I was amazed when the entire place broke out in ‘Holy Laughter’, perhaps the strongest manifestation I have seen in years. The Presence of Holy Spirit was so strong, that I simply sat down on the stage and was more than happy to oversee the visitation for the next hour! Many experienced a deep sense of intimacy with God, many testified to being healed and deliverance continued for several people throughout the evening. As I left the venue, my eyes were drawn to what looked like a small diamond glistening on the floor. Whether costume or real, I don’t know, but these sorts of little ‘signs’ are happening often after meetings and I am always encouraged and sense the pleasure of the Lord towards the people.

My second stop was the Onnuri Counselling School (a division of Onnuri Church) and once again the strong Presence of Holy Spirit overcame the students, some with deep sobbing and weeping others with holy laughter, physical manifestations and physical healings. I was grateful for my translator Yeonoh, who was able to jump in and help with the ministry time! Onnuri Church is a congregation of about 80,000 and their theme for 2010 is ‘The Word and Holy Spirit’! I had opportunity to minister to some 300 pastors, staff and ministry leaders before leaving for the Priscilla Prayer School. It was encouraging to hear that they could not dispute my theology, even though the ministry times were a brand new experience for them!

When I arrived at the Priscilla Prayer School in Seoul, I was surprised to hear that the topic of teaching had been changed and that I had left my research and notes at home! And just when I was thinking that my wife was right – I should put all my notes, research and teaching on CD, the Lord came to my rescue. I took copious notes as images and thoughts on the three stages of intimacy came flooding to mind. Seeking in the outer court, soaking in the inner court and then abiding in the Holy of Holies. And this time, as I was reviewing my notes, I noticed a flake of gold on my notes.

Job 33:14-15 For God does speak — now one way, now another — though man may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds…NIV

The next day I jumped on the fast train to Busan to meet with Pastor Choi and his wife Soon, who were hosting the first “official” S.K. Healing Gate Ministries School. Several of the Father Heart Forum Group in Busan also attended this 5 day school and were very helpful, praying for people and making the School happen. There were many physical healings at this school including discs in the neck, twisted ankle, thyroid issues, and depression. Manifestations of gold dust on hands and faces appeared every day! We ended the school with a delicious traditional Korean meal – Barbecued Bulgogi Beef with many vegetables, hot spicy bean soup, rice and kimchi! I have come to love the seven basic flavors of Korean food, which are garlic, ginger, black pepper, spring onions, soy sauce, sesame oil and toasted crushed sesame seeds!

My last stop was a city called Masan, a 2 hour drive west of Busan. The Gwang-Ryeo Church was full of expectation to receive from the Lord, and there was a strong anointing released on many of the people attending. They are one of the forerunner churches in the area that are embracing the gifts of Holy Spirit and their hearts are to see revival come to their city! Thanks again to Mini Kim, for being an excellent translator!


  1. Excerpt from letter from JDS Onnuri:

    "Thank you so much for your powerful preaching and Holy Spirit ministry for us. We remember your soaring eagle on high and story about dove looking for a place to rest. You gave us precious moment through Holy Spirit. Thank you!"


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