The Little Things

Certain physical challenges seem to ‘run’ in our family.  Eczema, allergies & other skin issues show up on what seems to be a regular basis.  And until this week, I have thought of them as ‘minor health issues‘ -  non life threatening and easily treatable.  I put them in the  same category as a headache or small wound....No need to pray, just pay - for the latest over the counter medication!

However, a few months ago, one of our younger grandchildren (a healthy, active, competitive athlete) was diagnosed with Molescum Contagiosum, a contagious viral infection of the skin, extending from her upper arm to just above the wrist.  I looked on it as simply another minor health issue that ‘runs’ in our family and did nothing about it.   This nasty virus quickly grew in size and soreness and over the months it became resistant to treatment (astringent chemical applications). The prognosis was that it would clear up naturally within nine months to two years, however for the duration it would remain contagious, very itchy and sore, and prone to growth.  

As soon as Gord heard this,  he called her aside and quietly explained to her (as he always does) that Jesus could heal her arm in much less time than nine months.  She was really eager to be prayed for as the affected skin was not only extremely painful, but also embarrassing.   The painful blisters began to dry up immediately and within a short time the skin was like new! 

A life lesson for both her and me.  He cares about the little things, too.  He really, really does!!!!

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