Father's Day With a Twist

For those of you who never knew an earthly father's loving embrace, take heart and be open to what is coming. Because this is the reason Jesus came. 

THE REVELATION OF THE FATHER is the main thing Jesus came to reveal. I don't think one person in a hundred reads or preaches the following verse correctly. When Jesus said:

"I am the way, the truth, and the life," 
most of us read this like it was a moment when Jesus was clarifying who He was: "ok, listen up! I, Jesus, am the way, the truth and the life..." and we completely miss the point. His discourse does not end there. Read the rest of the sentence. He completes the quote by saying ... 
  1. I am the way TO THE FATHER
  1. I am the truth ABOUT THE FATHER
  1. I carry the life OF THE FATHER
With this hope in my spirit, I conclude with a happy father's heart on 'Father's Day.' May God the Father reveal Himself to each of us in the WAY Jesus chooses, by the TRUTHS Jesus reveals and in the LIFE we experience, as we commune with our Heavenly Father in secret.

"No one can COME TO THE FATHER except through me."

READ IT AGAIN! it is not about Jesus, it is about His Father. His main mission is to reveal the Father, not a salvation formula. He is saying:  and I am here to open up access to the Father - and that is your salvation - to know Him and Me.

We think of Jesus mission being summed up in getting a bunch of lost, souls to say a prayer, get 'born again' and go to church, but we see nothing in this about the introduction to God as our Father. Look at how Jesus described the salvation experience:

"And this is eternal life, that they may KNOW YOU (the Father) and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." 
Sounds like, for Jesus, salvation involved a revelation of Him and the Father. An encounter with a person.   With this high value placed on the Father, I am convinced that all the force behind the blatant homosexuality, lesbianism and transgender emphasis being so aggressively advanced in television, arts, politics and campus life,  is a high ranking principality called Jezebel who hates men and hates the revelation of God the Father because it has such power to deliver those she controls. 

There is no "Father" in Jezebel's realm because she seeks to emasculate all her servants so they cannot produce sons. If there is no ability to reproduce, their will be no fathers in the next generation. In the end, Jezebel's infectious work is to keep fathers from properly fathering their sons and daughters. A work made harder by all Jezebel's inroads into tempting and weakening men with her brazen display in culture!

May God raise up fathers to complete the work in fathers so they can adequately love their own sons and daughters.  Regarding our children.... what bothers me most about this on 'Father's Day' is the wholesale political selling out of this administration (Mr. Wallnau is an American citizen) to the sympathetic advancement of this Jezebel spirit and the Jezebel same sex agenda. This would not bother me accept that good kids who love God and love people have to be harassed constantly by this spirit, pressuring them to take a position and either be 'against' it and suffer the stigma of being 'uncool' or 'for' it because it's the trendy tolerant thing to do. Make no mistake, this gay message is coming at us like an evangelism campaign.  However, I believe a movement is right now stirring in the land that will culminate in an Elijah like confrontation with this spirit. THE FATHER IS THE ONE SENDING ELIJAH'S MANTLE RIGHT NOW!

Lance Wallnau

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