Breakout in Kona

Located on the tropical slopes of the sleepy village of Kona is the sprawling YWAM University of the Nations. Overlooking the beautiful sparkling waters of Kona Bay, the setting is second to none! And so naturally I was excited to return here (especially in November!) to teach at the Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) alongside long time friends, Carolyn and Bob Hopkins. This multicultural/non-denominational school is geared towards those from 23 to 80+ who want to go further in their walk with Jesus and are prepared to give six months to training, discipleship and an outreach to Asia.

The class of approximately 32 students and staff were well prepared, attentive and eager and the presence of Holy Spirit was evident in the classroom from day one! He was there to comfort, instruct, pursue, encourage, heal, and impart gifts and the ministry times grew more powerful and sweet each day. Nothing can surpass the thrill of watching Him work in this way!

With the formal week of teaching completed, we prepared for the Beyond Freedom Weekend. Over 50 students including several from the Korean DTS, signed up for this intensive weekend of teaching, bondage breaking, physical and emotion healing and deliverance. Holy Spirit continued to flow with increase and most everyone was overwhelmed by His presence. We witnessed healings, signs and wonders, and miracles over the weekend; chronic pain was gone, cysts exploded, reading glasses gone, gold dust appeared on hands, arms and necks, and students spoke in tongues for the first time. After 16 hours of ministry, worship, teaching, and prayer, the weekend came to a close with both students and teaching team alike, filled to the brim and overflowing. At the followup meeting, I was really excited to hear that evangelist Mark Anderson was the next teacher for the class, and would be continuing on with the same kind of message. I flew home very excited in anticipation of what would follow!


  1. Exerpt - e-mail from Bob H. We want to thank you for a really good teaching week and the Seminar. We are getting many compliments on both, including people from Living Stones Church. One lady wants to know when you will be back because she wants to tell many others. This past week we had Mark Anderson speaking in CDTS. As you probably know, he started the Impact World Tours and is also the head of the Call2All movement involving some 3,000 churches and all the major missions organizations. On Thursday he did ministry, much like what you do, and it looked like one of your ministry times. He spoke at the Thursday night Campus Gathering and again Holy Spirit moved in a big way. Mark is calling this a “Breakout” (which actually he says started in the CDTS classroom). He held open meetings on Friday night and has scheduled meetings tonight (Monday), Tuesday & Wednesday night. He said it also happened at IHOP in Kansas City last week and I talked to a friend from IHOP today and he said it is happening there “big time”. Mark is saying there will be (are) major “breakouts” in Kansas City, Kona and New Zealand as well as other places soon to follow. Exciting times!! Thanks for getting our pump primed — the students are really open and responding to what the Spirit is doing.


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