New Horizons in McMinnville!

McMinnville, Oregon, one time home of the late healing evangelist T.L. Osborne and more recently, New Horizons Church was our destination. Our relationship with the New horizons Church community began over fifteen years ago, and our friendship with Pastors Galen and Danette has continued to grow over the years. We were very excited to be invited to minister in their beautiful new facility, and spend time with some of the team members there who we have come to love and appreciate over the years.

What is remarkable about this community is the very apparent eagerness of the people to serve. Perhaps this comes from years of setting up and taking down in a community hall, but the atmosphere in the new building is full of warmth, anticipation and celebration. We felt like we were at home, and it was obvious that Holy Spirit felt so too!

Each of the three worship teams lead powerfully and the response of the people was overwhelming. At the Sunday night gathering, the Presence of the Lord was there to heal and we literally stood back and watched as He touched people’s backs, shoulders, and knees and addressed specific needs by word of knowledge. One young woman wept as her elderly mother’s stooped back straightened before her eyes. “My mom, my mom – she’s taller than me” she cried out in absolute shock!

We really enjoyed our time here, reconnecting, sharing stories and seeing first hand the things that He has accomplished in and through this community over the years. These people are builders, and they do it well and in His timing. The Lord has promised a great harvest is coming to them soon and they are getting ready, so to speak. A time of preparation of hearts, honoring of gifts, and listening together.


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