Prophetic Insight for 2008

I am sensing that 2008 is going to be a year of shaking and burning – although this sounds depressing, it is all good! God is calling the church back to her roots, back to the main and the plain, back to the basics. Back to her foundations. Many foundations are faulty, many foundations are being built on flesh rather than on the foundation which is Christ. The church has to be built on the Rock, not on personalities or flare. The Lord is calling his church back to her roots, back to the basics. The church will become boot camp for the basics. A time to re-dig the ancient wells, a time to follow ancient paths. When He calls the church back to her roots, that means He will start with us individually and this will manifest in the corporate church. He is going micro to affect the macro.

There is a shaking coming that is going to go first after the personal end of things. The Lord is looking for his Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Apostles and Prophets to have a fierce inventory of the foundations of their personal lives. He is calling us back to divine alignment. Either we make the adjustments or He will make them for us because He loves us. This will not be a process of legalistic do’s and don’ts, or some kind of spiritual religious holiness movement, but rather a simple extinguishing of striving, competition, comparison and man’s efforts.

What used to work to bring successful ministries, simply will not work anymore and it will be confronting for many. Many ministries are resting on the success of the past, and slumbering in the prospects of the future. Many ministries have struggled financially and the motivation for Kingdom work has swung over into survivor mode, and the temptation to tap into the Christian consumer mentality. This will not last. Leaders that prey on the vulnerable and the desperate for a touch, for a healing, for a financial bail out are going to go down. Everything is for sale; prayer cloths, vials of oil, and water from the Red Sea, promising either health and wealth or personal blessing and prosperity. Many ministries have lost their first love.

Hidden secrets were revealed in 07, but this was just the beginning , as more leaders will be exposed. Unfortunately the cost will be high. Some of these warnings began coming prophetically over last year, and somehow we have forgotten and find ourselves looking for the next prophetic word. God is very serious about this. The interesting thing here is that signs and wonders and healings and miracles will increase, and this will tend to be a distraction from the charge to come into personal divine alignment. We can be distracted by the sign and miss the wonder of Jesus. Personally, I love signs and wonders, but they must always point to HIM who gives liberally and not to us, our ministry, or our profits.

A pending recession in the states will manifest in a potential recession in accountability with many leaders and ministries. The result of this will be disastrous.  It is normal prophetically, for the natural things to speak of the supernatural. Financial recession will have supernatural manifestations as well. Sub prime in the natural will manifest as sub-prime in the spiritual. Adjustments will be made and ministries that are working on imagined profits will slide out of sight. Right now in the world there is a financial balancing, and adjustments to portray the actual not the hope of what could be.

Ministries will go through the same process. The outcome will bring reality to the integrity of ministries and leaders. Many have tolerated sub prime character traits in strong leaders because of the fear to touch the anointed ones. But that is changing. Integrity on all sides is the flavor of the year. This is going to push our ability to love. The exposures, the deaths of ministries and the divine alignment will be painful and in it we will truly learn to love those that have fallen. We do not rejoice.. we weep.  It is the time to be honest, but in the mess, it is a time to love.

Then I saw the holy fire of the Lord coming and it is an all consuming fire, and it is the fire of burning off the dross, not the fire of revival. It is a fire of preparation, but the fire is HOT. Some ministries and some leaders will not be able to take the heat. However after a fire, new growth springs up , and new seeds are planted and begin to sprout. The Lord will raise up many to take the place of those fallen. There will be coming a new generation of those that are truly accountable and desiring to walk in integrity. Many who have been sitting on the back rows, almost hidden, will be brought to the front suddenly.

We will enter the depth of the wave, hidden for a season, and few will be seen riding a high wave, and those that do will be chosen by the Lord, because the fire on the top of the wave is hot and only those that have allowed the refining will ride on this wave at the top.  In the Kingdom the top is the bottom, the kingdom is upside down and the Lord is not changing his mind on this. The ones on the bottom will be brought to the top. The ones at the top will go to the bottom for a time of testing. Obedience will be the power, not the prayer.


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